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Our Publications

Our Publications

End of October 2019 our latest bestseller “The biggest Crash of all time” was published and went straight to No. 1 on the SPIEGEL bestseller list. It will soon be available in English.

Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik have ranked for years among the most reliable bestselling authors in the business and finance area. In 2013, they published Germany’s most successful business book of the year with “The Biggest Heist in History”. With an initial print run of 500 copies, their publisher had to keep on printing until more than 150,000 books were finally sold. The book is also available in China and Taiwan.

A further business bestseller followed in 2014 with “The Crash is the Solution”. This book held top positions in the bestseller lists of SPIEGEL, Handelsblatt and manager magazin for months. It was Germany’s most successful business book of the year 2014. “The Crash is the Solution” is available in English as an e-book. Their third bestseller, “Capital Errors”, was published in May 2016.

Friedrich and Weik then teamed up with Götz Werner, founder of Germany’s pharmacy chain dm-drogerie markt – Europe’s third-largest OTC pharmacy group, to author “Otherwise there’ll be Trouble! – Why we need to radically rethink economics and politics”. On its publication in April 2017, this book also went straight into the SPIEGEL bestseller list and to number one in the bestseller list of manager magazin and Handelsblatt.

In this 315-page book, Weik and Friedrich explain in non-technical language why new economic ideas are needed – and what form they should take (and what the consumer's role should be).

enorm (01.07.16)

Financial capitalism serves only a narrow elite, instead of boosting wealth and social security for all – the third book on this basic thesis has now been published. "MWMF" – as their fans refer to them – thereby hit a nerve simply but effectively.

manager magazin (01.07.16)

A good overview of potential investment opportunities in these difficult times for investors.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (21.07.14)