You have to experience Friedrich & Weik live. Extraordinary specialist knowledge and expertise coupled with strong personalities and the ability to captivate an audience with business and economic topics.
Postbank; Pedro-Michael Katsis, Head of Investment Sales

They say life is not a picnic. Well, the financial world is certainly no picnic. It’s a place where tough punters, cynics and strategic egotists have long been active. For their clients, they continue to paint a rosy view of the world in prospectuses and presentations. All returns are “above average”. In terms of performance, they all “outperform the market”. And your hard earned money is even invested “completely safely” in hot stocks. Risks? Well, the risks exist only in the small print …

Our books books and talks talks do not include such nonsense. We don’t make overblown promises, nor do we seek to mislead you with unreliable forecasts. We tell it how it is. We make the abstruse rules of play of casino capitalism understandable for all. We make the potential risks for your company or your private investments crystal clear. We’re neither optimists nor pessimists – we are realists. And we have almost always been right with our warnings in the past.

We offer customised talks and seminars for private individuals, companies, regulators, associations, foundations, and universities and colleges.

Interview with Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich.

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