“Wakes you up and shows you how dangerous the current situation is. Fluently written, it is also suitable for readers without significant prior knowledge.”
€uro: September 2014

The second book by Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich, “The Crash is the Solution – Why the ultimate collapse is coming and how you can protect your wealth” was published on 16 May 2014. The book went straight into the Spiegel bestseller list and caught the public’s attention. It was Germany’s most successful business book of the year 2014. In it, the authors successfully predicted the outcome of the EU elections, the ECB’s interest-rate cut and negative interest rates banks, the reduction of the guaranteed interest rate on life insurance policies, for example.

The updated version has been available as a paperback since 12 November 2015. The latest version in English has been available as an e-book since 1 November 2016. The latest version in English has been available as an e-book since 1 November 2016.

Short description

The ultimate collapse is coming because the real causes of the financial crisis have not been addressed. The consequences include economic loss maximisation, the biggest postponed insolvency in human history, destruction of our prosperity through sustained low interest rates and the loss of our savings and life insurance. The crash also offers an opportunity, however, because it is the only way to bring about the change that is needed. Things cannot continue the way they have.

What should you do when the crisis comes?

Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich make it clear that today’s savers face tougher times ahead – the authors warn of expropriations, mandatory levies, and inflation. They are not just taking a pessimistic view of the future, however, but are also offering help: both experts show which assets you should invest in to protect your savings – and in which assets you shouldn’t invest.

Voices of the press

A good overview of potential investment opportunities in these difficult times for investors.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (21.07.14)

Bestseller lists

Manager Magazin business bestseller list

25 Months – Top ranking: Position 1 (edition 28, 32, 37, 41 and 45/2014).

Spiegel Non-fiction bestseller list

56 Weeks – Top ranking: Position 2 (edition 34/2014).

Most successful business book 2014 in Germany