From zero to 1st place in the SPIEGEL & manager magazin bestseller list.


The biggest crash of all time is coming – not only economically, but also politically and socially.

The 2008 financial crisis shook the very foundations of our financial system. We continue to feel its monetary, social and political effects today. The unprecedented rescue orgies orchestrated by ECB & Co. as well as a historically unique central bank experiment of permanent zero interest rates are expropriating savers, small investors and policyholders. A gigantic tax burden is robbing the middle class of any financial leeway. At the same time, expropriations are still being considered – and they will come.

People are deserting mainstream political parties, and politics stands at a watershed. Since 2008, a historic loss of confidence in the financial world, in politics, in the media and in the existing monetary system has arisen. The gap between rich and poor is widening continually, creating a socially explosive situation. We are facing a unique turning point in time entailing the most severe upheavals. It’s no longer five before noon – it’s ten after noon. The time window for action is become ever narrower – so take action now!

This latest and to date most important book by best-selling authors, financial experts and lateral thinkers Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik discloses what awaits us all, and shows how you can still secure yourselves and your assets.

  • Friedrich & Weik again deliver what is expected of them: up-to-the-minute and razor-sharp analyses, well-founded criticism of stubborn elites in business and politics, and radical proposals and solutions.
  • Friedrich & Weik show what impositions citizens, taxpayers, savers, investors and owners can expect in the near future if incompetent managers and politicians stick to “solutions” that have already failed.
  • Friedrich & Weik explain vividly and comprehensibly how citizens are still in a position to protect themselves and their assets.