“Hats off! A completely new economic and tax system is established in just 160 pages.”

The fourth book by authors Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik “Otherwise there’ll be Trouble! Why we need to radically rethink economics and politics”, which they have written together with Götz Werner (founder of German pharmacy chain dm-drogerie markt – Europe’s third-largest OTC pharmacy group), was published on 24 April 2017.

Our economic order as well as our political landscape have come completely adrift. Increasing numbers of people sense they are now only working for the state, and feel disadvantaged. A tiny global financial elite is meanwhile creating gigantic bubbles of illusionary wealth while policymakers look on without intervening. Our prosperity and our democracy are at risk.

The bestselling authors show why the EU and the euro will fail. Why in future we will need to tax consumption rather than output. Why an unconditional basic income and stringent financial regulation are socially just and economically sensible. Let us act now before it’s too late, because “Otherwise there’ll be Trouble!”

” – the latest coup from success duo Weik and Friedrich, who already shot to the top of the bestseller lists with their strong opinions in “The Biggest Heist in History” – who have now teamed up with Drogerie Markt founder Götz Werner to call for an unconditional basic income – this time with amazing objectivity.
manager magazin; 26 May 2017

Voices of the press

This book, with its pointed style, is always worth reading and reflecting on – including for readers without degrees in economics.

Hannoversche Allgemeine (29.03.20)

With the financial crisis and basic incomes as their subject matter, this trio of bestselling authors has shot straight to the top of the bestsellers' lists.

Handelsblatt (09.06.17)

But what really makes this book worth reading is [...] the tour de force through the German tax system, the economy as a whole and change in the labour market in particular. After taking an abundant and informative look at these problem areas, Werner and his two colleagues also call for significantly stronger regulation of financial markets and for more independence for central banks.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (29.04.17)

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