Impressive talk by bestselling authors Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik on the causes, effects and consequences of the financial crisis, as well as other highly charged topics. The audience was successfully prompted to engage critically with existing habits of thought and action, and to think outside the box.
The 6th Bayreuth Economics Congress

Marc Friedrich

After studying international business, Marc experienced first-hand the Argentinian state bankruptcy in 2001 and its ruinous consequences for the country and its citizens. He already gained international work and life experience as a young man.

Together with Matthias Weik (his friend from kindergarten days), for the past decade he has been holding seminars and specialist talks on the topics of precious metals, EU, the euro, Industry 4.0, digitalisation, Bitcoin & crypto currencies, blockchain and decentralisation at national and international companies, associations and foundations, and at congresses and specialist conferences around the world, as well as at universities and colleges.

Marc Friedrich is an enthusiastic connoisseur of whiskey. He recommends selected single malts as a mixer (!) for both balanced investment portfolios and balanced meals.

Matthias Weik

Matthias, a passionate networker and strategic thinker, studied international business in Melbourne, Australia. He gained his MBA while working for a major German corporate group. In 2009, he founded asset protection and financial advisory firm Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung together with Marc Friedrich.

Matthias Weik’s big passion is for travel. He is familiar with four continents and has visited around three dozen countries – some of them several times. He is equally familiar with Anglo-Saxon pragmatism, Asian efficiency thinking, French laissez-faire and southern style mañana. Weik knows from his own experience that people everywhere around the world want to make the best of their lives, but that each culture has its own ideas of the “good life”. And that people have their own individual strategies (and sometimes also tricks) to help luck play its part.

Interview with Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik.

Further activities

Friedrich & Weik Asset Fund

As the logical consequence of their ideas and actions, Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik founded Germany’s first open-ended tangible asset fund in December 2016, a fund that is freely tradable on a daily basis – the Friedrich & Weik Asset Fund “Friedrich & Weik Asset Fund”.

Friedrich & Weik Wealth Protection

Friedrich & Weik – independent, individual and transparent investment advice from experienced experts and lateral thinkers.

Since 2009, we have been accompanying private investors and companies in Germany and abroad on the rough journey through the world of zero and negative interest rates, reckless and partly also criminal market manipulation, and financial repression – or to put it another way – in navigating the high seas of economic madness.

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